The ImageDecoratorShadow adds a shadow to all images dragged to one of its tiles. The tile's configuration specififes the properties of the shadow.

Depending on the shadow dimensions the final image may change its width and height. The additional background is set to transparent - in case the target format allows transparency.

The general tile handing is described here


The general configuration handling is described here.

Property Description
Direction The direction of the shadow in degree (-360° to +360°). The default value is 315°. If the shadow depth is set to 0 the direction will not used.
Opacity The shadow opacity from 0% (transparent) to 100% (opaque).
Blur Radius The blur radius of the shadow in pixels - higher values will soften the shadow.
Depth The depth of the shadow in pixels - higher values will increase the 3D effect. In case the depth is set to 0 the shadow has no direction and will be added evenly around the image.
Color The color of the shadow. Format: color name like 'blue' or color hex value like '#0000ff' with the format #<red><green><blue> each with two hex values. Alternatively the color can be picked by a color chooser.


The following examples gives you an impression, how the configuration settings will influence the image processing.

sample 1

A black shadow, floating evenly around the image with 20 pixels blur on each side. The direction setting will not used.

sample 2

A shadow in steel blue with 50% opacity. The shadow points to the bottom right corner blur and shadow depth are adapted to each other.