The ImageDecoratorReflection adds a reflection to all images dragged to one of its tiles. The tile's configuration specififes the properties of the reflection.

Depending on the reflection dimensions the final image may change its width and in particular its height. The additional background is set to transparent - in case the target format allows transparency.

The general tile handing is described here


The general configuration handling is described here.

Property Description
Depth The reflection depth from 0% (none) to 100% (full).
Opacity The reflection opacity from 0% (transparent) to 100% (opaque).
Spacing The spacing between the image and ist reflection in pixels. Negative values will decrease the reflection height.
Skew Skewing of the reflection in degree (-80° to +80°).


The following examples gives you an impression, how the configuration settings will influence the image processing.

sample 1

A reflection with the same height as the original image. The reflection starts with 100% opacity and is not skewed.

sample 2

A reflection with 50% height as the original image. The reflection starts with 50% opacity and is skewed by 15° to the right. Between the original image and the reflection is a 10 pixels spacing.