The ImageConverter converts all images dragged to one of its tiles. The tile's configuration specifies the target format of the converted image. The source format is detected automatically and must not be specified. Supported input formats are bmp, emf, gif, ico, jpg, png, tif, wmf.

Please keep in mind that some formats (especially jpg) do not support transparency. For this purpose you can chosse a replacement color if your source format contains tranparent areas. In composer lines it may be useful to convert jpg images at first to png to support the subsequent transformations if they are rely on transparency effects (e.g shadow, reflection...).

The general tile handing is described here


The general configuration handling is described here.

Property Description
Target image format A drop down list with all available target formats. Supported target formats are bmp, gif, jpg, png, tif.
Quality The compression quality from 0% (worst) to 100% (best). This property is only enabled in case of the target format jpg.
Transparency color The replacement color for those target formats, which do not support transparency. This property is only enabled in case of the target format jpg.
Format: color name like 'blue' or color hex value like '#0000ff' with the format #<red><green><blue> each with two hex values. Alternatively the color can be picked by a color chooser.