How To

As an example how to work with »TOOLine« apps, we demonstrate how to rotate two images by 90° with the »ImageRotator«.

1. Start an app and configure a new tile if needed

First we start the »ImageRotator«. Then we look if a tile with our rotation angle is already existing. If this is not the case we click on the "+" tile to create a new tile.

Since the tile is created we configure it to a 90° angle.

2. Drag and drop your images on the tile

Now we select the two images we want to rotate in the explorer. Then we drag and drop them on the new created 90° tile.

3. The app does the work for you

The »ImageRotator« rotates both images and saves them in the same folder we have dragged the original images from. And that's it.

All »TOOLine« apps are working in exactly the same way. And with the »Composer« app you are able to automate your processing steps by just drag & dropping any »TOOLine« app tile to a composer tile.