General Handling

What is an app?

The »TOOLine« is a collection of apps. Each apps concentrates on a dedicated function. All apps have the same general handling, look and behaviour. They differ only in what they are doing for your.

What is a tile?

Even if an app is specialized on a function, you may wish to process its function in different ways. If you have a scaler app, you may have scaled windows with 640 pixels width or with 1024 pixels width.

To support this, each app contains tiles. A tile is nothing more than a configuration of the function the app is processing. So for the scaler example you may have one tile with a "640" and another one with a "1024" configuration. Each app can contain as many tiles as you wish.

How to work with tiles?

Creating a tile is that much easy: Just click on the "+" tile each app is offering. A new tile with a default configuration will appear. Once created, a tile can be moved by dragging it to a new position.

When moving the mouse onto a tile a control panel appears. To duplicate a tile just click on the "duplicate" button on the control panel. By clicking on the "–" button you can remove the tile. A dialog let you confirm the deletion.

To avoid the confirmation dialog just hold down the <Shift> key when pressing the "–" button. To open the tile's configuration click on the configuration button. Please refer to the settings which can be made for a specific tile on the tile's help page.

To process files with a tile just select the files in your explorer, drag and drop them on the tile of your choice. If you drop a folder the content of the folder is being processed. Alternatively you can click on the tile directly to open a file dialog to choose the files to be processed. The processing is visualized by a progress indicator.

How to use the Tile Configuration?

The configuration of each tile let you change the tile-specific properties. Nevertheless there are some common buttons on the configuration dialog.

You can save a tile configuration to the file system. For this pupose click the save button on the dialog header. Use the load button to read in a tile configuration from the file system. The current configuration will be overwritten.

The "Tile Id" shows you the identification of each tile. You can use this id when starting the app from a commandline. The name of the command line parameter is "/tileId <Tile Id>". The app will start then in a batch mode using the specified tile to process the given file(s).

You can give each tile an own name of your choice. This name overwrites the normal tile view and shows your name instead. Removing your name will bring back again the original view of the tile.

To have an impression how the specific configuration is working you can open a preview window by clicking on the preview button.

And last but not least a tile specfic help is available which leads you directly to the tile-related website.

The app options

Choosing the "App" tab you are able to use several commands and settings of each app.

The item "Image Line..." leads you to a list of all other apps of the same "line". In future versions further lines will be placed here too. Selecting an app item from the list will start the related app or bring it to front respectively.

In addition to that you can start all apps with one click or close all apps as well. To re-arrange all open apps on the screen you can use the item "Tile all Apps". The tiling mechanism works per screen - so all apps will be tiled at that screen the current app is being displayed.

The info page

The "Info" item shows you the version of the app and let you register your installation. After purchasing the »TOOLine« please open the dialog with the "Register" Button and enter the license key you got by mail. If you are still in the evaluation phase the dialog shows you how many days of your evaluation time are left.

The options page

The "Option" item shows you general properties of the app. You can change the app color or specify the working directory of the app. The working directory is used if the files can not be saved at that place they are loaded.

Please note that all changes will have effect only after a re-start of the app.